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Take it from an installer, It Doesn't Get Any Easier Than This!

With Blu Lock now available in ½”, ¾”, and 1” sizes, there really isn’t any reason to use anything else on a residential install.

It can bend easier and turn tighter than traditional poly pipe.

With traditional poly pipe,

  • Cut the Poly Pipe
  • Put on your clamp
  • heat up the pipe a little on colder days
  • Push in your insert fitting
  • Clamp it
  • Done


  • Cut the Blu Lock pipe
  • Push on the fitting.
  • Done.  

It’s almost 3 times faster and it takes the water pressure that any residential system can throw at it.

Bottom Line:
You have got to try Blu Lock.

For more information on
Blu Lock, please contact:

915 Overland Street
North Salt Lake, UT 84054
(ph) 888-HYDRORAIN
(fx) 801.203.1179

Please call if you need help selecting the right product. Thank you

Water Works Irrigations & Illuminations Ltd.
(905) 404-9165

Every Drop Counts!


Water Works Irrigations & Illuminations Ltd.
(905) 404-9165



Canada's Largest Lawn Sprinkler Site - Blu Lock

Your jobs don't just need to be done right, they need to be done fast.

Blu-Lock 3X is the newest innovation in the irrigation field.
With it's powerful push-lock technology, your job will be done in record time.

Blu-Lock® 3X takes installation speed and ease to new heights. Insertion force has been reduced by half to make installation even faster. And now, it works with all 80# and 100# SIDR 15 and 19 pipe. Finally, all ½", ¾", and 1" fittings are releasable and reusable with the Blu-Lock® release tool or collar.

Simply stated, Blu-Lock® 3X is the fastest, greenest, irrigation installation method in the world.

Blu Lock Pipe & Fittings

  • New quick-release design
  • Up to 80% less assembly time
  • No more tools, clamps, or glue

Save up to 80% of your irrigation assembly time by using quick-release Blu-Lock fittings. The breakthrough "push-and-go" design eliminates tools, clamps, glue, and all of the twisting, shoving, and pounding that traditional fittings usually require. You'll be amazed at the ease, quickness, and serviceability of Blu-Lock. Just look for the blue.

Images Courtesy of Hydro-Rain, Used with permission.

1/2" Swing Pipe Fittings 3/4" Fittings
  • Features and benefits

    • Patented “Push-and-Go” Design—100% tool and chemical free approach cut installation time in half.
    • True System Integration—Total compatibility of fittings, pipe, manifolds, valves, saddles, and heads.
    • Blu-Lock® Pipe is Green—Environmentally-friendly, recyclable HDPE pipe provides a superior alternative to PVC.
    • Blu-Lock® Fittings — Outside diameter (OD)technology ensure lower friction loss for better efficiency.
1" Fittings Pipe
  • High quality and “easy-flex”
  • Made of high-quality, low-density polyethylene
  • Unimpeded flow for increased flow rate

1/2" Fittings        

3/4" Fittings        

1" Fittings        


We use high quality TORO™, Rain Bird™, Hunter™, Irritrol™, Hydro-Rain & Hydrawise™ products.


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