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"We'd like a word with you about watering your lawn by hand. - Don't."

There's an easier, more effective way to water your lawn. An automatic underground sprinkler system lets you enjoy a lush, healthy lawn all season long. Without lifting a finger.

The Advantages of Owning an Automatic Sprinkler System
Many people say convenience is the biggest advantage to an automatic system since they don't have to spend their time watering by hand or moving the hose around the yard. Others say extended plant life and lower water usage are the most important benefits.

Still others believe a sprinkler system is one of the most of the best financial investments they can make in their home since appearance is a key factor in determining market value. And guess what - they're all right!





Replacement parts are available in our online store only. Please call if you need help selecting the right product. Thank you

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What makes up the cost of a Sprinkler System?
An irrigation system is based on 4 segments:
Design, Plumbing, Parts and Labour.

Design is very important. We take readings of your water pressure (PSI) and your water flow rate (GPM – gallons per minute). With these readings we can determine how many heads we can put on 1 line or “ZONE” before we run out of water. A properly designed system not only provides consistent, even moisture distribution while conserving water, but also meets the unique irrigation requirements of the property i.e.: terrain elevations, sunny and shaded areas, the plant types and sizes, trees, fences and other present or future structures. You can be confident we'll install your system with care, accuracy and efficiency, and we won’t skimp of the number of heads required

Plumbing – “By the Book!”
Did you know that you are required by law to have any plumbing tied into your main line performed by a licensed plumber AND you MUST have a proper testable backflow prevention device installed?
A backflow prevention device allows water to flow one way only – out. If there was ever a break in the line, outside water, possibly contaminated by fertilizer or bacteria could siphon back into your and everyone else who is on the main water line on your streets drinking water supply.

There Are 4 Types Of Backflow Prevention Devices.
Price $ 180 + Pressure Vacuum Breaker Acceptable?
Pressure Vacuum Breaker. A pressure vacuum breaker (PVB) is similar to an atmospheric vacuum breaker except that you only need to install one of them and it is installed on the mainline leading to the control valves. Like the AVB it must also be installed above ground and it must be 6" higher than the highest sprinkler head controlled by any of the valves. In a sloped yard it would typically be installed at the top of the slope, with a pipe running up to it from the water source, and then back down to the valves and sprinklers. YES

Price $ 225 + Double Check Valve Assembly Acceptable?
The Double Check Valve Assembly (DCVA) is essentially two single check valves assembled within one body and furnished with four test cocks and two shut-off valves. Double checks are commonly used to protect against low to medium hazard installations such as food processing equipment or lawn sprinkler systems. They may be used under continuous pressure and protect against both back siphoning and backpressure conditions. YES

Price $ 290 + The Reduced Pressure Backflow Assembly (RPBA) Acceptable?
The Reduced Pressure Backflow Assembly (RPBA) incorporates the use of two independently-acting spring-loaded check valves separated by a spring-loaded differential pressure relief valve, two resilient seated shutoff valves and four properly located test cocks. During normal operation the pressure between the two check valves, referred to as the zone of reduced pressure, is maintained at a lower pressure than the supply pressure. If either check valve should leak, the relief valve is designed to open and discharge water to the outside. Yes

Price $ 45 + Dual Check - Not allowed for irrigation use Acceptable?
For use at the drinking water supply service entrance or with individual outlets. Designed for non-health hazard residential water system containment and continuous pressure applications. This device is used by some irrigation companies to cut corners. NO

As you can see there are different types and costs for a backflow prevention device. The reputable companies will provide you with the legal and proper device according to your needs.

We Use Licensed Professional Plumbers.
Why? Two reasons, first it’s the law and second, the job is done right.
All indoor plumbing service is performed by experienced licensed plumbers who are fully insured and the work is guaranteed. It costs a little more, but for the peace of mind that it’s done right and you won’t have to worry about being fined is worth it. We have recently had a plumbing inspector remark on how well our plumbing job was done and that it was “BY THE BOOK”.

There are many different brands of sprinkler parts available. Some that you find in “hardware” type stores are generally a lower quality that are made to sell for a low price point. You may save a few dollars on a sprinkler head now, but you most likely will have to replace that head several times over the seasons, providing they are still being made and sold. – We get calls to replace them quite a bit.

We Carry All Of The Professional Brands.
Why? You want the best you can get. We want to install a product we’re confident in. Let’s face it, we don’t want to keep coming back to fix the same thing and you don’t want to have a second rate system. When it performs right, we both win. We also offer a warranty of up to five years on certain products.
There are many components that makeup an irrigation system. There is no one manufacturer that makes the best of everything. The system components do not necessarily have to be made up of one particular brand. It is advisable to use the best products from an array of different manufactures.

Did you know that an average subdivision home uses about 600 feet of irrigation hose?
That’s a lot of digging! On some properties we are able to use a machine to bury the majority of pipe; this depends on the terrain, access to backyards, tree roots, and buried telephone, hydro and cable wires. Others have to be completely dug by hand. When we dig by hand, we carefully cut and lift the sod, dig out the trench and set the dirt on plastic, bury the pipe, replace the sod and tamp, water and re-seed where necessary. Sound like a lot of work? – It is. A typical system takes about 35 – 40 man hours to complete.

If you find that someone has offered you a price too good to be true, compare and see what corners are being cut before it is too late.