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Hydro-Rain is the leader in professional-grade irrigation products for irrigation professionals like you. Whether you're a builder, contractor, or distributor, Hydro-Rain is your first and last stop for products that push the boundaries of irrigation technology and for customer support that exceeds your expectations.

We're the irrigation professionals' professionals.

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Hydro-Rain Products
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We are not the Hydro-Rain™ company,
but we use Hydro-Rain™ Products.
We sell Hydro-Rain™ Products in our Retail Store.

We also offer on-line ordering of Hydro-Rain Sprinklers, Valves, Timers and Nozzles.

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  HRC 100
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Independant programming flexibility
  • Water-budgeting and Rain-Sensor bypass switch
This straightforward, user-friendly sprinkler controller combines simplicity of operation with feature-rich flexibility. For starters, the HRC 100 comes in models for 4, 6, 9 and 12 watering stations. Each model offers two independent programs - A and B - with four start times per program. Program A schedules watering for selected days of the week or every second day. Program B sets schedules for even or odd days, or at intervals of 1 to 28 days.

  HRC 300
  • Easy-to-read touch-screen LCD display
  • Weather-resistant outdoor/indoor package
  • Water budgeting feature
  • Rain-sensor ready: includes a wireless built in receiver
Our designers have combined the simplicity of touchscreen programming with the flexible speed of digital electronics in a weather-resistant outdoor/indoor package. The result: the HRC 300, a tough, versatile controller that's remarkably quick and easy to program — and built for reliable, long-lasting performance.

  HRC 900
  • Battery powered, dual program
  • Controls up to 4 valves with two seperate programs and 3 cycle start times per program.
Hydro-Rain’s HRC 900 is the only dual-program, battery-powered controller on the market. Because it runs on batteries, it’s the perfect solution for watering isolated areas, such as landscaped islands, where it would be difficult or impossible to run wires. And because it controls up to four valves with two separate programs and three cycle start times per program, it sets a new standard for battery-powered controllers. It’s also waterproof and tough enough to take the extremes of living in an underground valve box in stride. The HRC 900 may not be big, but it’s a heavyweight performer.

  HRC Series HW
  • Adjustable moisture activation for variable climates
  • Reliable freeze sensor option
  • Quick rain gutter mount, no tools required.
Hydro-Rain's HRC series hardwire sensors are designed to save water and limit damage to foliage by turning off sprinkler systems in rain and freezing weather. HRC series sensor installation will prepare your landscape for the ever changing environmental conditions of your geographical domain. No other major brand in the industry makes the freeze feature standard on every rain sensor.

  HRC Series RF
  • Manual bypass control allows for deactivation during maintenance
  • Transmission range over 300 feet line of sight
  • Constant communication for accurate timed water metering
Hydro-Rain's HRC series wireless sensors are designed to conserve water and limit damage to foliage by suspending irrigation during periods of rain or freezing weather. HRC series installation will prepare your landscape for the ever changing environmental conditions of your landscaped area. No other major brand in the industry makes the freeze feature standard on every rain sensor.