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"We'd like a word with you about watering your lawn by hand. - Don't."

There's an easier, more effective way to water your lawn. An automatic underground sprinkler system lets you enjoy a lush, healthy lawn all season long. Without lifting a finger.

The Advantages of Owning an Automatic Sprinkler System
Many people say convenience is the biggest advantage to an automatic system since they don't have to spend their time watering by hand or moving the hose around the yard. Others say extended plant life and lower water usage are the most important benefits.

Still others believe a sprinkler system is one of the most of the best financial investments they can make in their home since appearance is a key factor in determining market value. And guess what - they're all right!





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Leveraging Toro sensing technology used on high-end commercial sites and world-class golf courses around the globe, the Toro Precision™ Soil Sensor reduces water waste by continuously measuring moisture levels in the soil and determining when to allow your controller to water.

This maximizes the efficiency of your irrigation system. Communication between the sensor probe and receiver is completely wireless, so installation is quick and easy with no digging required

Features & Benefits

  • Works with Any Irrigation Controller - Can be installed on any irrigation controller, including competitive
  • Prevents Overwatering
    Continuously measures soil moisture levels and determines when to
    allow your irrigation controller to water, making sure just the right
    amount of water is applied.
  • No Digging Required
    Communication between the sensor probe and the receiver is
    completely wireless, with up to a 500’ range (line of sight).
  • Installation
    doesn’t disturb the soil, giving you accurate moisture readings
    starting as soon as the sensor is put in the ground.
  • Automatic Calibration
    The sensor will automatically detect the soil type and adjust all
    calculations accordingly.
  • Freeze Detection
    The only soil sensor to offer freeze detection that prevents irrigation
    when temperatures approach freezing.

How It Works

  • There are two components to the system - a battery-powered wireless sensor probe and a receiver that wires into any irrigation controller’s sensor port.
  • Once installed, the sensor calculates field capacity for your soil (or the
    maximum amount of water the soil can hold after excess water has
    drained away) and sets that as “100%”.
  • Any time the moisture level in the soil exceeds field capacity, the irrigation controller is prevented from watering until the moisture level falls below the level set in the receiver (default is 50% of field capacity, adjustable by the user).

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